Yachts Antigua Boat Rental, Yacht Charter

Antigua Family Charters

Do you want to enjoy the most exciting and enjoyable time of your life with your loved ones? If so, there is nothing more amazing than sailing in the magnificent blue Caribbean water. Go for long cruises and enjoy sunbathing at few of the most beautiful locations you've ever seen. You can go fishing, explore spectacular islands and enjoy water adventures. With one of the liveliest cultures, Antigua is a perfect place to spend your vacations.

Yachts Antigua Boat Rental, Yacht Charter

Event Charters Antigua

Yachts Antigua is proud to have experience of providing our customers with all sorts of yacht charters and services. WE can help you by providing you with a customized yacht charter for any yacht event or trip. Whether it's a yacht wedding or a family cruise, a dance party or a corporate dinner, we can provide you with a special event yacht charter for it.

Yachts Antigua Boat Rental, Yacht Charter

Antigua Private Charters

Create amazing memories and realize your dreams with our Antigua private yacht charters. Enjoy spectacular views, soak in the warm sun and have the time of your life while sailing in Caribbean. Choose from the best yachts in Antigua and get services from highly experienced and well trained staff which will make your time at sea even more exciting and memorable.

Antigua Yacht Charters

Sailing and yacht charters are probably the most popular activity in the historic, beautiful island of Antigua. It has moderate weather whole year but the perfect time to sail around and visit this Caribbean island is winter. With Antigua Yacht Charters you can relax and enjoy adventure like scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking at the same time. It's time to take some time off from your hectic routine and treat yourself with luxury yacht charters in amazing blue waters.

With a protective coral reef, Antigua has a vast coast with a chain of safe harbors. This means you can sail around and safely get your yacht docked anywhere to enjoy the parties on beach and experience the local culture. Islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe are on the south of Antigua where as to the north and west are islands of St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Barths and Sint Maarten.

Yachts Antigua

Antigua Cost

Antigua coast is one of the most popular yacht charters locations in the world and offers all kinds of sailing activities including power boats, bareboat charter, crewed yachts, catamaran, sailboats, luxury yachts and also the mega yachts.

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Antigua Weather

With Antigua yacht charters you can not only enjoy the warm culture of Antigua but also sail to the other islands and spend the most memorable time of your life in this paradise on earth.

Antigua has a quite pleasant weather throughout the year and winds of 15 – 20 knots in high season and 10 – 15 knots in mid season are present. Waves go to a maximum of around 7 feet in high season.The temperature in Antigua and Barbuda is usually around 50-70 degrees which together with warm sun and pleasant breeze is perfect for yacht charters. The weather in Antigua is perfect for all kinds of sailing and even learners come here to learn boating and sailing.

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Ruins and Fishing in Antigua, Barbuda

The historic island of Antigua is home to some of most amazing ruins of 19th century including Shirley Heights, which was the location of the British artillery emplacements.

If you are tired of crowds and noise, you can relax at the peaceful island of Barbuda which is still relatively untouched. This island is perfect for people looking for some private, peaceful time. The coral reef surrounding Antigua and Barbuda makes them the perfect yachting location. You can dive and see the most stunning marine life which includes blue tangs, angelfish, snappers, grunts and parrot fish around amazing corals. You can also go fishing as it is home to various popular species of fish.

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